Claudia Pilsl

Turbine Hall

Still Turbine Hall

Turbine Hall. 21-06-02

Duration: 1h 36’

Turbine Hall was recorded from a single static position over a period of 12 hours and shows the movement of visitors in the entrance area of the Turbine Hall. In the editing process it was slowed down by almost half its original speed.

Turbine Hall is part of the Tate Modern series and was first shown in ‘Species of Spaces’ at Danielle Arnaud and included in the solo exhibition ‘space encounters’ at the Landesgalerie am Oberösterreichischen  Landesmuseum which was documented by a catalogue. The piece was widely shown and included in exhibitions such as ‘Shot from the Sea’ at the Ice House in Hastings or ‘on the move’ at im Pavillion in Wels.