The Days of the Triffids, 2020


Length: 6’28”


When the measurements of the governments around the globe in response to the pandemic took hold, I experienced something that I did not quite understand. I felt like being trapped in a remake of the film 'The Day of the Triffids' (Pitcher and Yordan,1962) surrounded by a threat that was imminent but not tangible. Peter Wyndham’s story written in 1951 offers in a way a visualisation of a fear that has been dominant after WW2, that is that a global catastrophe such as a nuclear war or disease will wipe out the world as we know it. These fears were not only informed by concrete facts but mostly, I suggest, by a mass trauma caused by devastation through WW2. My way of vindicating myself of the present fear of an invisible danger, of my anxiety caused by Covid-19, was to collage excerpts of Wyndham’s text with recordings of the visible/invisible in my immediate surroundings.