Beginning of 2018 I undertook a 3 months residency at x-church in Gainsborough. My proposition to the community was to explore what does it mean to be a resident. For this I spent time with everybody who was willing to let her join in and become, if only temporary, part of their lives. The wish to understand better what it means to belong stems from my increasing anxiety about being a migrant and future EU guest-worker within the borders of a nation state. 

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One of the main outcomes of the residency is a moving image piece (1h 44’) in which I merged footage from a long drive in a white van around Gainsborough and an audio track edited from over 15 hours of recorded interviews with members of the community. These conversations centre on what it means to be to be a resident, how it is to live in his area, what the future could hold for this small market town. I also developed several series of photographs and instigated the pop-up gallery space Chateau Marcus which is still used to host exhibitions and events. Together with Marcus Hammond, the artistic director of x-church I started Salon Slum, a monthly meet-up of creatives from Gainsborough and further afield. The outcome of the residency was shown January 2020 at Project Space Plus in Lincoln (

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