Preparations, 2020


in collaboration with Joana Cifre Cerdà 


In this multi-media installation Joana and I explored possible reactions to an unforeseeable event and deal with the persistent numbing anxiety of something that resides outside of our control. The kitchen as a safe zone and locus of comfort is the stage where we engage with our own unique responses and copying mechanisms. Joana vents her fears in a frenzy of cutting and wraps, like a spider, perishables in fine string to store for later consumption whereas Claudia engages with the some of the objects that live in her small kitchen in  Vienna. These cooking paraphernalia, with their concrete physical presence and humble functionality affirm that there is still an everyday albeit filled with uncertainty and anxiety. They suggest a continuity from past to present moment with an implied promise of a future where food will be prepared and eaten.




This shows how the work was installed as part of 'The Department of Moving Images' (BEEF) in the 'Centre of Gravity' exhibition at the Old Soap Works (Gardiner Haskins) in Bristol. It was placed in the former kitchen department of this department store.