Claudia Pilsl

Garden conversations

'Garden Conversations', 2008

'Garden Conversations' is based o. Pines Garden in St. Margaret’s Bay in Kent. The three part sound piece was developed over a period several months and consists of edited interviews of people working, using or being involved in some other way with the garden. Pines Garden has been established in the 70s by the philanthropic Gould family and is a small and unique public garden which in its recent past has begun to heavily invest into concepts of sustainability.

The piece as such could be described as a social geography of the site and explores Pines Garden through three interlinked themes - 'Combining past and vision', 'Sustainability and bone of contention', 'First impressions and usage of the garden'.

‘Garden conversations’ was part of ‘Paradise Revealed’ which was a two site exhibition project taking place part at Pines Garden in St. Margaret’s Bay and in the car park at Charlton Shopping Centre in Dover.

For the site in the car park, the artist developed a piece focusing on the flora of Dover. For this she researched the plant distribution as recorded for postcode CT15. She then focused on one of the declining perennial native species ‘Salvia Pratensis’, commonly known as Meadow Cleary. To increase this plant’s presence in Dover, the artist offered free seed samples for the visitors to take away.

The project was accompanied by a blog published on a-n: