As it is yet another lockdown I made my piece 'Horizons' available again. Might be more needed now then in spring 2020! I personally feel the confinement more than the first time. Here is the link:


Good news! Thanks to a BEEF bursary I am able to a undertake a piece of work that I began to get invested in last summer. For this I want to explore aspects from 'The Wall', a novel by the Austrian author Marlene Haushofer, within the current context of uncertainty and change. In particular I will use my knowledge of digital porosity to engage with the shimmering shield inherent to online mediation and make apparent what is shown and what is left out.


With the writers Lisa Spalt and Dieter Sperl I work on a new multi-media piece with the working title 'Lassen und Verlassen'. I also have started to work with the Austrian artist Petra Suko on a collaboration where we explore how family history is conveyed through images. This is a rather longer process as it seems as soon as you think you understand one aspect another thing becomes a puzzle. 

The show LOSS that I curated for ArtP will happen, with delay, in September 2021. Participant artists at present are: Irene Andessner, Oreet Ashery, Rosy Martin, Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, myself, Elisabeth Wörndl. I really look forward to it!