Having finished my PhD – I can’t believe that I finally can say that – I have started to immerse myself fully into my practice and aim to make good use of the concentration induced by the restriction of movement due to Covid-19. I started several new projects and hope that two will be finished by the end of this month. One is a loose collaboration with Joana Cifre -Cérda and Kate Buckley and another is an exchange with the writers Lisa Spalt and Dieter Sperl in relation to a new multi-media piece. I also have curated a show titled LOSS which will happen, with a bit of delay, in May 2021. More on this nearer the time.


In February I also joined BEEF (http://www.beefbristol.org) a Bristol based experimental and expanding film group. I feel very lucky to be part of this and may we create many exciting projects together!